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bengrimmreaper t1_it8l2ri wrote

Can’t wait to never hear about this again.

Just like every cancer headline I’ve ever read


JamesKPolkEsq t1_it9pdrg wrote

CAR-T was once a headline, now is an incredible tool to fight hemotological malignancies that are highly treatment resistant.

PD-1 inhibitors were once a headline, now have changed the face of melanoma therapy.

Many oncology approaches don't work, some do.


FwibbFwibb t1_it9jcgi wrote

If they come back in a couple of years saying they are ready for use, will you even remember this post?

How many of these "never hear about again" is just you not remembering something from years ago?


supified t1_it8rxjl wrote

I don't know, this one sounds very close to other techniques that are effective for extending life. My understanding is implanting pellets around tumors is a used method that is gaining some steam and this seems like a logical progression from there.


That said this wouldn't do much(anything) for distant metastasis, so even if we do hear about it again and it does become widely used and it is as effective as they think it could be, it still means the patient dies of pancreatic cancer, just you know, later on when the tumors are too numerous to treat.


uhhiforget t1_it9ahg7 wrote

I envision a future where we can functionalize nano-particles with molecules which make them selectively taken up by cancerous tissue. These nanoparticles could be of a composition such that they heat up a lot upon NIR radiation, meaning non-invasive, selective zapping of cancerous cells. That's far out though I think