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Snuggoth t1_irr8nx0 wrote

Dunno, just something weird about a company called BlueHealth spearheading a study that seeks to emphasize blue spaces on the heels of those finding results in green spaces. It's neat, but it does make you wonder about it a little.


moosethrow1 t1_irrkg35 wrote

Reddit might as well just start up it's own first party click farm or just accept money directly to market whoever's business.

Same with universities. They're not going to deny free money, there are just too many people involved in a big institution that will use/want that money.

Dunno why I still come to these big subreddits while knowing i'm just going to be marketed at. I think part of it is because I enjoy reading comments, but even comments and users/bots are being bought.


left_foot_braker t1_irs25gi wrote

If you’re anything like me, you come to the big subreddits to know how what the internet-engaged part of the collective consciousness is thinking, is aware of and what they are paying attention to. Reddit is a great aggregator for the types of people and opinions you’ll see when you venture out into the real world and gives you tremendous insight into how and what people think. This is especially useful in the current era where people in the real world are largely still obscuring just what parts of the internet they are engaged with.


TrespassersWilliamTW t1_irv0rf2 wrote

yes, exactly. When people cry out, "WE GOT WEIGHTS IN FISH" You don't want want to be the only one at the party who doesn't give a tired chuckle.


Cosmic_fault t1_irstmj2 wrote

> Reddit might as well just start up it's own first party click farm

Okay, what exactly do you think reddit is