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Herbacult t1_iu53slp wrote

> Three different applications of CBD were observed: periodontal therapy (45.4%), aid for bone regeneration (27.3%), and general use in oral therapies (27.3%).

As someone with gum disease and bone loss, I’m very interested!


Mirandel t1_iu56iff wrote

So... Now CBD not only cures cancer but regenerates teeth as well. I wonder if it can brew a good coffee in the morning. Though, with CBD you probably can skip the coffee.


mr_oof t1_iu5e545 wrote

And it removes embarrassing stains from contour sheets That's right And it entertains visiting relatives It turns a sandwich into a banquet

Step right up, Step right up!


Iceykitsune2 t1_iu5grei wrote

>And it removes embarrassing stains from contour sheets

Wash in cold after the act.


DillaVibes t1_iu5yobs wrote

> Though, with CBD you probably can skip the coffee.

How does that work? Since CBD isn't known to have stimulating effects, like caffeine


Adifferentdose t1_iu6lxpg wrote

Caffeine doesn’t actually give you energy, it just makes you feel awake, bright light in the morning does the same thing if not better because it actually releases normal scheduled dopamine. CBD improves mood, relieves pain, improves sleep quantity and quality. Coffee is a scam tbh. Tea is much better.


DillaVibes t1_iu6mkk2 wrote

CBD does not make me feel awake. But it does improve my mood. I drink coffee for stimulating effects, not for my mood or pain-relief though. I agree that tea is better.


Adifferentdose t1_iu6ofqg wrote

No I agree, cbd doesn’t replace coffee it might even be slightly sedating.


thruster_fuel69 t1_iu6u12g wrote

Anyone disagreeing with your statement isn't actually human. Not fully.


FranticPonE t1_iuaqux7 wrote

It really works as a stimulant for some people? I've tried 2 of the CBD sodas they have in California for kicks, couldn't say I noticed much of any effect and I'm pretty used to looking for the effects of drugs.


jazir5 t1_iubiqib wrote

CBD coffee exists, so you get the benefits of both simultaneously.


contactspring t1_iu5c1km wrote

Can we please legalize and allow colleges to conduct research?


vomeronasal t1_iu5i0mm wrote

CBD was legalized federally by a farm bill update a few years ago.


contactspring t1_iu5ijg8 wrote

Have you seen the pain in the butt that comes with it? You need to have material tested (because it can't be >3% THC. The regulations don't allow individuals or colleges to grow. So the chemical might be legalized, but the plant is very much controlled.


Celebrity292 t1_iu5pqbr wrote

Wasn't there something Biden signed as well that may have potentially removed it from the schedule II? Just recently . Edit.: Last sentenc


vomeronasal t1_iu5pyn3 wrote

Nothing specifically involving CBD. But he told the FDA to review the schedule of THC (currently schedule 1). But this would also affect CBD because they come from the same plant.


Imaginary_Cup_691 t1_iu5nlwj wrote

CBD is incredibly versatile, it’s patented by the US government as a neuroprotectant. Right now the CBD market is a mess and the public severely misunderstands cannabinoids so it gets taken advantage of and earned a snake oil reputation.

Right now it’s all diluted low quality CBD getting sold at below efficacious doses with no instruction. Typical CBD dosing is at the very least 100mg a day of real quality full spectrum oil or isolate for months on end, and that really is on the low side of dosing. CBD is real medicine along with CBG, CBN and other cannabinoids. Then terpenes are their own subset with various medicinal properties within each. We shouldn’t vilify real medicine out of existence due to lack of understanding and experience that’s exactly what the pharmaceutical industry wants


DooDooSlinger t1_iu7orgk wrote

Please provide evidence for any of what you're saying. The last line in particular is a red flag.


Imaginary_Cup_691 t1_iu8njex wrote

You’ve obviously never researched or worked with any cannabinoids or terpenes. This isn’t hidden information


DooDooSlinger t1_iu8skbc wrote

Ok first of all "terpenes" are a massive class of molecules (anything with a poly-isoprene backbone). The properties vary so wildly you might as well be saying "you haven't researched acids" or "you haven't researched metals".

I'm going to venture you are not a researcher either.

Finally I have asked for sources, which is the basics of providing scientific evidence. "Do your own research" is ok for pseudoscientific Facebook groups, not this sub.


Imaginary_Cup_691 t1_iu8t04v wrote

Easy on the pseudoscience. There’s a lot of lobbying against natural medicines to keep you thinking it’s pseudoscience, even though they synthesize most of their approved medications off of plants or other biological sources found in nature. There’s so much working against cannabis right now that you can not expect them to come out ranting and raving about the efficacy of cannabinoids against various ailments after demonizing and jailing citizens over the plant for the last 80 years.


Imaginary_Cup_691 t1_iu8ppei wrote

And what exactly is a red flag about coming at pharmaceutical companies? Are you not able to look around and see the corruption or?

And if you need further proof, look into Epidiolex, the pharmaceutical version of CBD isolate for controlling seizure activity. You’ll notice their dosing starts at 10mg a day working up to 1000mg a day over time. Taking low doses of CBD for real ailments won’t do anything, the medicine needs to be made correctly and dosed correctly. You can look up the government patent on CBD and think for yourself why they would make their own medicine out of it if it’s so useless. Atleast 50% of FDA approved pharms are plant derivatives this isn’t magic hippy BS, isolating compounds from plants for medicinal use is common practice . It’s just the start as well, more will become public Knowledge as time goes on. Or they’ll finally admit it’s highly medicinal, patent it, and try to take away our right to grow it. Dronabinol and Naboline are two other cannabinoids that have been isolated for use specifically in cancer treatment side effects. It’s medicine


DooDooSlinger t1_iu8sz6o wrote

  1. a blanket statement against pharmaceutical companies as in the post I am replying to is a red flag because it is a blanket statement about an industry which - while it has issues - does conduct incredible amounts of scientific research and produces compounds with demonstrated clinical use

  2. I'm not saying plant derived drugs aren't a thing, they obviously are

  3. concerning CBD, there are some clinically proven applications, you have provided one, but once again I am replying to a post which makes blanket statements on its benefits. Such claims of a panacea are suspicious, which is my I am asking for specific sources which support this on a scientific basis.


Imaginary_Cup_691 t1_iu8tdnz wrote

You should start working with cannabinoids and watch cancer patients get immediate relief, sleep and appetite that bedside tables full of typical pharmaceuticals weren’t providing. I’ve watched it multiple times. The studies support jt and I’ve watched it work it person. Its so versatile and medicinal that doubting it is just strange.


DooDooSlinger t1_iu8ty7j wrote

First, the benefits of cannabis in a clinical setting are scientifically established so no issue here. This is due to THC, not CBD, as pure THC achieves the same results.

The post is about CBD


Imaginary_Cup_691 t1_iu8whbc wrote

I’m talking about CBD. Look man your name checks out and I don’t really feel the need to further try to convince you of what I know full well. I question more why the apprehensiveness to believe CBD is medicinal when you’ve apparently never worked with it


DooDooSlinger t1_iu9m6pc wrote

Just link to studies then jeez.


jazir5 t1_iubj6zi wrote

For what uses specifically? I'll find you numerous studies on google scholar easily. Just tell me what you're looking for.


3eeps t1_iu5gc1o wrote

soon they'll claim cbd will cure world hunger


pom-12 t1_iu5sihu wrote

This is légal in Canada.


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SpicySweett t1_iu82l5i wrote

This looks like there was a CBD oral rinse or maybe toothpaste? Has anyone seen anything like that on the market? I know there’s a lot of trash CBD out there, but I’d be interested to try a high-quality rinse of this type.


JohnFByers t1_iu7ea9q wrote

The problem still remains: it just doesn’t get you high.


FranciscoJ1618 t1_iu6truz wrote

Just legalize it and stop writing fake papers saying that it cures cancer, alzheimer, inflation and global warming.