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toejampotpourri t1_iu2k9ee wrote

I support full legalization of marijuana. Haven't smoked it in 25 years.


paperwasp3 t1_iu3cnuk wrote

I smoke it every day and I’m well over 50. I too support it’s legalization. The best part is that we can tie the taxes to the state education budget.


trogbite t1_iu490k6 wrote

Right? Colorado literally had more tax revenue than they knew what to do with after legalizing


paperwasp3 t1_iu4i4dy wrote

They had to send checks to everyone as part of their law was to give back any surplus.


Ksradrik t1_iu4ypq2 wrote

Which was then used to buy more weed, which caused more tax returns, its an endless cycle...


Adventurous_Basis t1_iu58syx wrote

Illinois got all the extra tax revenue and then raised the prices on all license and registration renewals as if they were running in a deficit instead


rey177 t1_iu44c7x wrote

Thats if they actually do that unfortunately


Imaginary_Cup_691 t1_iu4br7v wrote

Right, the only reason they’re taking so long is to workout patents and direct the major routes of income directly into their own pockets, not making sure they can help the people out. Nobody should be blindly excited about legalization, there’s a lot of corruption going on behind the scenes and if they ever do go to Schedule II or patent cannabinoids and terpenes and claim they DO have medicinal value, then things will be even worse. We need to be fighting for deregulation of the plant entirely


tilla18 t1_iu512bx wrote

And repairing/rebuilding the roads. Look how much other states have gotten from their legalization changes. The law has never stopped anyone from smoking. It's better that this action benefit society, rather than street dealers and cartels.


paperwasp3 t1_iu53xsa wrote

And I’d argue that weed causes less societal issues than booze.


ChrisFromIT t1_iu3entk wrote

I support it too, haven't smoked it myself at all. And up here in Canada it has been legalized and it hasn't been an issue at all.


Lee1138 t1_iu4vnqy wrote

Same. Never tried it, and I doubt I ever will try it, even if it becomes legal, but there is no good reason for it to be illegal when alcohol and tobacco are legal.