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DsWd00 t1_irtj752 wrote

So… some activity is better than none


nillerwafer t1_irtmqcy wrote

As a general rule of thumb yeah. Inactivity is a killer, literally. You can never retire from physical fitness.


3eeps t1_irtsbzn wrote

Yup. I remember being depressed a few years back and spent all day everyday for a week on my pc and didn't exercise or even try to do anything else. It was in rough shape. Even my 30min walk to work which is a non issue, gave me trouble as my legs got weirdly sore and my feet were killin me


therealdannyking t1_irufg68 wrote

Yes! Don't discount the article just because it seems obvious, though - part of science is also quantification.


ztj t1_iruxqul wrote

This paper is about a much more specific question than just "is it better to not stay still for a long time" or whatever you think you're being clever about. Actually bother to read the abstract at least.


Gastronomicus t1_irvyobb wrote

This is exactly why people dismiss a lot of science. They don't understand how important it is to distinguish anecdotal or hypothetical results from empirical ones. Or that it's usually more complex than they realise.


DsWd00 t1_irwn24k wrote

You’re getting very emotional over a minor article