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Langola t1_irxf8gc wrote

Twitch and only fans are the new strip clubs of the digital age.


cannondave t1_irxs0k6 wrote

Yes Twitch is rediculous. "I wonder why men see me as a sex object"


garbage-pale-kid t1_iryl3be wrote

Men see women as sex objects if they appear in public view. Using that to my benefit doesn't change that fact, and knowing from experience that it doesn't matter how conservatively and modestly I dress means I'll do what is profitable. It'll happen either way. But I will still always wonder why men do not view me as a person.


Jackolope t1_irz2mky wrote

Feel like there's some mental gymnastics taking place in your comment.


garbage-pale-kid t1_irz2qp4 wrote

It's my lived experience and the experiences of my friends and family.


Jackolope t1_irz2xl5 wrote

Really, because the first sentence is a broad declarative statement about the nature of men and women with none of that context. Get off your little high horse.


garbage-pale-kid t1_irz3rcr wrote

I'm not on a high horse, I just care about this topic. I was literally crying about this exact issue earlier today because every time I go to this store I love going to, some dude creeps at me and I cannot just go peacefully and shop no matter how I dress or how I present myself. And thinking about my baby sister and how she has to grow up where me and my other sisters have been harassed since before we even hit puberty.


Ksradrik t1_irz0oa3 wrote

Why is being attracted to somebody automatically "objectification"?


garbage-pale-kid t1_irz0sbf wrote

Why do you think I think that way?


Ksradrik t1_irzbt2z wrote

Well, you just said "men see women as sex objects", so I was under the impression you believe its not just "some men objectify women", but most do, and the only way that'd make any sense is if you counted general attraction as objectification.


Hardwarrior t1_is01a8d wrote

Isn't it also the implication of the comment she's responding to?

"I wonder why men see me as a sex object" > This implies that men do objectify women on Twitch, just that it's their fault for putting on clothes that are too revealing.

And you're right, the main issue isn't attraction, it's the objectification, ie unwarranted comments. And those comments aren't just the result of revealing clothes, because there's a moral agent typing them. And it's that person's responsibility to behave, even if they're attracted to someone who shows a bit of skin.


Ksradrik t1_is0kwxo wrote

Seems to me that the issue is a lack of manners.


Hardwarrior t1_is3lu2q wrote

A lack of manners that women experience more than men


PuerhRichard t1_irz02f6 wrote

Men? All men? That’s a broad statement. You have to villainize the other in order to justify attacking them. It’s like how some people after 9-11 said “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim.” It’s not a true statement, but it does the job of pointing all the problem on one group. Women treat men like objects too often. Lots of married or divorced men or fathers say they feel like they’re a walking ATM and that’s all. Lots of times the words of some women backup this, calling them “paycheck” or “sperm donor.” It’s not uncommon either.


garbage-pale-kid t1_irz0qzm wrote

I never said all men. I said men, because it's men that do that to me. If a woman ever follows me down the street because I ignored her catcalling, or if me and other girls have to go to the bathroom in groups for safety against other girls, or if women start creeping on me while I'm waiting for the bus or minding my own business, I'll say "people do that to me". But until then, it's only men.


PuerhRichard t1_irz3lkx wrote

You didn’t say all men. That’s right. You did however say “men” which obviously implied all men. You could have done better in being more specific. You’re just backpedaling and trying to inject doubt into the topic.

Since no one usually says anything because of fear of being labeled the sexist people pull this sort of thing all day which is it’s own form of sexism justified by blaming an entire outgroup. There’s nothing inheritable wrong with men. You failed to point out that women objectify men on a site where they often get men to pay them to essentially do nothing or things they didn’t do like getting others to make fake used panties.

Sure it’s gross oftentimes and treats women poorly, but since it’s a popular way for many women’s peers to make lots of money off of men who do who knows what to make their income a lot of people feel it’s acceptable even the people who think porn made by companies is inherently objectifying towards women.


PuerhRichard t1_irz3s1u wrote

See there ya go trashing men there. You could say some men like the ones that aren’t going out of the way to protect you physically, verbally, and emotionally.


garbage-pale-kid t1_irz4063 wrote

There are no, and have never been men in my life who protect me.


PuerhRichard t1_irz5fbv wrote

Ok great well keep blaming all men and acting like you don’t. You definitely aren’t protecting them with that. You’re just trying to boost your value by dumping on others.

By the way no man of fighting age was allowed to leave the country while lots of others were on onlyfans and living abroad. That doesn’t matter to you though because you only think of yourself.


Breakfest-burrito t1_irzmf6z wrote

People seem to think their own personal experience is enough to represent the world and all of humanity. She's just jaded it feels like


Guilty-Peace-324 t1_is0ck7w wrote

You’re not the hero you think you are right now. You’re not defending victims who happen to be male or female, however you are defending monsters who happen to be men right now. You inserted “all men” to the conversation and used it to redirect the conversation. You’re taking part in monstery. I would recommend not being a monster. You’re probably gonna continue on though in some sort attempt feel like you have any high moral ground…


PuerhRichard t1_is14j9r wrote

Ad hominem comment. I pointed out the lack of clarity. I’m not a monster despite your need for me to be one. That’s your profile. I suggest you don’t be a hypocrite. What she was bringing up was a nonsequiter to redirect the discussion. I see you’re familiar with that so you shouldn’t have tried to pretend I did such. You have a mental block that inhibits you from being fair with men. I could have gone on about cases where I’ve known men to be victims of women: physical assault, emotional abuse, gaslighting (which you’re doing despite what you think), and familial alienation. Have some integrity and accountability rather than call people names on the internet.


onfire9123 t1_irzepya wrote

They don't see men on the tv as a person either. It's just that man doesn't provide them any other value just by being visible.


SnooDoubts826 t1_irz99fv wrote

They don't see themselves as people either. Once mortality hits, they may change their tune. Or perhaps not.


DarkTreader t1_iryi1sm wrote

Because men are slimy filthy pervs and it doesn't matter a lick how women dress or what women do certain men will immediately go with their brains have been trained to go.

I think they know exactly why men see them as a sex object, especially the ones that get paid on twitch. They declare these statements ironically because they have to cope with just how bad it is.


OLassics t1_is0b6ce wrote

I'm sorry what??? Not only you objectified women, you also are objectifying men with saying that all men are pervs-_-

Your point is so invalid I cant even guess what's your take on this


belizeanheat t1_iryu5q5 wrote

That feels true only if you're referring to that weird guy who's obsessed with a particular stripper


ebcdicZ t1_is3ho5d wrote

A few are the guy on the street asking for change.