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MadroxKran t1_itlrulc wrote

I wonder if any big stuff related to prior covid infections will pop in like ten years or so.


streetvoyager t1_itm6y4o wrote

If this is happening in the brains of everyone that has gotten Covid boy oh boy are we in for some big trouble in the next 10-30 years. I’m sure we will see higher risk for certain neurodegenerative disease in some demographics where infection wasn’t controlled well. Hopefully vaccinations help lower the risk that these brain complications happen.

I am assuming other strong viral infections can cause similar things but I don’t know anything, I’m just a dumb person .


IntertelRed t1_itn07yp wrote

It's sort of ironic in the sickest way that now those who went unvaccinated and got sick will be at higher risk for the conditions they falsely claimed the vaccine caused.

I'm not saying these findings are in any way good just pointing out the irony.


Wait-Whaaaaaat t1_itn6v8t wrote

In the same way if discoveries like are being achieved just a few year after the pandemic, imagine what could be achieved in 30 years. As long as researchers keep working at it we should be ok ;)


Champion-Red t1_itoulda wrote

That’s with the assumption that the vaccinated who contracted covid won’t suffer the same results. After all, most people, including the vaccinated, have gotten or will get covid. We have no evidence to suggest they won’t also suffer similar neurological damage. Time will tell.