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nimnlil t1_iryf40o wrote

Is it cooperation or that going with the crowd is just easier to move farther faster?


DarkTreader t1_iryjk6r wrote

At this level isn't that the same thing?


[deleted] t1_iryo05v wrote



nimnlil t1_iryqsiu wrote

Yes! Thanks for saying it intelligently!


ramonycajal88 t1_iryra4k wrote

Agreed. Without the presence of an egg in this experiment, it's really tough to make any conclusions outside of sperm motility. Apparently, the egg chooses the sperm in natural environments. Recent studies are suggesting that even though the fastest and most capable sperms reach the ovum first, it is the egg that has the final say on which sperm fertilizes it.


Southern_Scholar_243 t1_is0upkw wrote

I magine it could be similar effect as cyclists sticking together. Front one pircing through the air and the rest benefiting from area with lesser pressure. Im not sure how this would work in high viscosity fluid