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noknownothing t1_iryi0jd wrote

Better bones, decimated ligaments.


Eyiolf_the_Foul t1_iryn0lw wrote

In some cases yeah. Women’s soccer and ACL injuries are unbelievably high.

But overall I agree with these findings. Makes for better athletes. Interestingly there are more multisport Div 1 athletes than ones that just played and trained in a single sport.


InterPunct t1_iryp3vr wrote

That's the study after they publish Coffee is Good for You/Coffee is Bad for You.


Bonevi t1_is0ssnc wrote

I felt a sharp pain in my ankle just reading this.


andreasdagen t1_iryqggm wrote

Any reason they couldnt just lift for bone strength instead?


oldwhiner t1_is013zw wrote

Lifting trains big muscles, it's not multidirectional.


Prellking t1_is0bs6q wrote

Thats just plain wrong. Lifting weights is multidirectional. And it’s true. resistance training is safe and enhances bone health in youth/adolescents


MiseALepreuve t1_is2x7uw wrote

It has some potential to be, but is generally not multidirectional.

No matter what your gym bros tell you, lifting weights isn’t the end all be all of exercise. It is missing a lot and it isn’t entirely safe


andreasdagen t1_isbr7d6 wrote

Nothing is entierly safe. Lifting is safer than the vast majority of sports.


skaterjuice t1_is0s0xs wrote

Weightlifting and plyometrics A good resistance coach for long term youth development should have lots of mixed movements, and do a combination of weight workouts, calisthenics, plyometrics, and agility based (skill) work. It should not be overly specific or geared towards any one sport.


fatsynatsy t1_is0d63i wrote

because its less effective than high impact weight bearing activities


BauReis t1_is27efd wrote

A lot of these team sports train endurance so I guess it's more bang for your buck if you don't care about strength


kittenTakeover t1_is2lny0 wrote

This doesn't necessarily mean that it's better to direct children towards multidirectional sports OVER running. Running doesn't require specialized equipment, specialized facilities, or other people, which means that developing a running routine at a young age could possibly lead to a more active life in the long run.


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GenitalWrangler69 t1_is1li9j wrote

Working a much wider range of muscles, assuming one can hopefully avoid injury which also increases with these types of exercises, then of course the athlete would be overall healthier and more competent. The best runners I've ever known were string-beans, good for little other than running and whatever their own ingenuity can accomplish.


DTFH_ t1_is247v3 wrote

specialization is for college and master's athletes, the youths need a wide base for general skills to be well developed.