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wmdolls OP t1_iu2ia7x wrote

On 27 October, scientists reported that last year,

the mission detected seismic waves created by the biggest meteorite impacts ever seen on Mars


FwibbFwibb t1_iu3aek3 wrote

That's fucked up. Does Mars get hit more often than Earth, due to it being closer to the Asteroid Belt?


james2432 t1_iu3bbrt wrote

could also be because it's atmosphere is so thin, they don't burn up either


wmdolls OP t1_iu3ct04 wrote

Perhaps your assumption is right


wmdolls OP t1_iu2j031 wrote

I think the next Rover re-design will be add a similar strong hair dryer device


AMDIntel t1_iu2peg5 wrote

I'd just attach a chair on the side and put a kerbal there to wipe off the panels from time to time.


wmdolls OP t1_iu2pybe wrote

Yeah, I think you must become the pioneer of Mars Exploration :-)


bmcmbm t1_iu5k5tq wrote

Unrelated but it feels so strange saying 'marsquake' but also it's even stranger saying 'earthquake on mars'


wmdolls OP t1_iufxn1e wrote

But I saw the 'marsquake' that be responsed normal :-)


Anchor-1 t1_iu544ow wrote

“My battery is low and it’s getting dark.”


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kujasgoldmine t1_iu3viar wrote

If only there was video footage of it! Sounds like a cool event to witness.


Zondartul t1_iu43jvm wrote

imagine a desert and then the camera vibrates a little


Paint-fumes t1_iu4u0rw wrote

Or a picture of a big red ball with a tiny flash on it for a few milliseconds


kwtffm t1_iu3i7tu wrote

Could have solved the dust on the solar panels problem with a set of windshield wipers and a motor from an old truck, and saved a hundred million dollar space craft from being lost because of lack of power.


FwibbFwibb t1_iu51lfc wrote

> Could have solved the dust on the solar panels problem with a set of windshield wipers and a motor from an old truck

What do you make the wipers out of? How do you wipe the solar panels without scratching them up? This isn't rain.


kwtffm t1_iu5k6q3 wrote

Make the blades out of Teflon. Or use compressed gas from a remote controlled nozzle. The point is they should have thought of a way to solve this very predictable issue, also a scratched panel is better than no panel.


wmdolls OP t1_iu3o2oz wrote

Serious agree, previous designer ignored the Mars‘ sand stom