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crazyrich t1_is5ffhw wrote

The fear of seeming patronizing should not overcome the desire to support your friends in times of need


Ksradrik t1_is87s57 wrote

I dont think thats the biggest hurdle, lots of people just have the opinion "I had to make do without em, so should they!", even if they had a bunch of advantages they didnt have.

Also "welfare mentality" is a huge fear, and many powerful individuals have a significant interest in maintaining that fear.


howdudo t1_is4hacy wrote

i love friends..and you guys are okay too I guess


CrouchonaHammock t1_is5x5sx wrote

Study 3 is strange, the participant receive supports from strangers in a lab settings when the participants already signed up for the study. It feels too artificial.


supagirl277 t1_is80b8j wrote

One girl in 11th grade stopped me in the lunch line and touched my face and said I have the perfect cheekbones, and I have never forgotten it. Any tiny bit of social support or confidence boost means so much to the person getting it


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