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WashingtonPass OP t1_it5hsvj wrote

The open ocean is a good place for parasites, fish don't have arms to remove them and swim far from anything fixed like a coral reef that can be used as a comb.

A team of researchers has found that fish like to rub against sharks to scratch themselves and remove irritants including parasites. They prefer sharks to other fish for this purpose. Shark skin is rough, made up of tiny tooth like structures, and was used as sand paper in prehistoric times.


KillingItWithFire t1_it5unxz wrote

Just wanted to say that the shark in the picture looks so dam happy and cute.


Incognito_Placebo t1_it5vd50 wrote

I love sharks. I don’t care what anybody says, I think they’re magnificent, beautiful creatures.


louisxx2142 t1_it6zsgh wrote

Does this have a negative impact on sharks by transferring parasites to them?