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doveup t1_is9ajtj wrote

Its the Great Anti-inflammatory.

The Grim Reaper study.


4thDevilsAdvocate t1_is9bfcf wrote

It's the great everything, really.

Speaking entirely anecdotally, exercise is also good at improving one's mental health, balancing sleep cycles and appetite, and, for some reason I'm sure there's a scientific explanation for, cutting down on acne.

With some notable exceptions, most of the human body's built around a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, which involves lots of exercise. All the stereotypical old-time talk about how people who aren't actually sick but just generally unwell "just need to get out of the house" and "just need some fresh air" is not entirely inaccurate.


GrumpyMiddleAgeMan t1_isa15wy wrote

I started a good / bad routine: I smoke a joint, and then I start to walk in a good rhythm while I'm listening some audiobooks. I know the joint part is a no no, but it allows me to keep the attention in the story (I may have some undiagnosed issues with attention).

I'm currently walking between an hour, hour and half per day, being fat and sedentary. And I'm surprised at how good I feel every day since I started, physical and mentally.


4thDevilsAdvocate t1_isa1dzi wrote

If it works, it works.


Queasy-Bite-7514 t1_isa4g1i wrote

Why a no no? It gets you out and doing stuff


GrumpyMiddleAgeMan t1_isa55pe wrote

Because I don't think smoking a joint is a good thing, and even worse if I do it while I'm doing exercise. But I can be wrong. Hopefully haha. I would love to be wrong.


MoonWispr t1_isaishm wrote

Smoking in general isn't great, obviously, but if that's what it takes to get you active for now then it's worth it! If you can get edibles where you're at, same end effect but less smoke.

For some people exercise is it's own high, helps focus them. Helps remove distractions and stress of life. I think to get there you already have to be in shape enough to handle longer more intense sessions, though. So maybe a longer term goal!


candidateforhumanity t1_isd9quh wrote

Dude getting high can be FUN for some people but don't let marketing convince you that it's not always unhealthy.


kowalsko6879 t1_isqtoj8 wrote

Nice triple negative, maybe you should lay off the drugs


Fuzzycolombo t1_isd2wmg wrote

I do feel as if THC might be actually motivating for certain individuals. There’s the lazy stoner stereotype, but for me, I’ll be hopelessly depressed and then inhale some THC concentrate and instantly be engaged playing my guitar or going for a bike ride. I will say that most of my THC usage is driven by social isolation, so if I’m surrounded in a social environment that is stimulating to me (the people accept me, i seek out interaction with them because it is enjoyable to me), then I don’t feel the need to use THC. The second Im alone though or with people I can’t stand I just want to go get high to go do my jam.


Splatulance t1_is9jdhl wrote

Those aren't just anecdotal. They have a lot of support, though I'm not sure about the acne. Exercise does improve immune function, so that's one possible link. I'm sure someone has looked into it.


bsubtilis t1_is9qxb8 wrote

There was some study an eternity ago that showed low level activity was better for sick people's health and recovery than constant bed rest.


PoldsOctopus t1_isa23ae wrote

I’m post op and the recommendation is to get out of bed from the day of the surgery and start mild exercise starting on the next day (walking + a special exercise routine). It’s my third one and it’s been always the same advice : don’t stay in bed all day.


dotcomse t1_isdwvey wrote

That might be more about preventing atrophy than about healing your surgical site. Hard to say. Doctors, especially surgeons, have not been known for their focus on diet and nutrition and holistic medicine.


PoldsOctopus t1_isemsmj wrote

Well, I was told that the goal was to prevent blood clots, improve mobility, accelerate healing and promote general well-being. I was given different information sheets that included recommendations on diet in preparation and after surgery as well a special exercise routine. I was offered psychological support before one of my surgeries. So I’m glad to say that my doctors have a holistic approach.


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bsubtilis t1_isafkbm wrote

Exercising with high intensity while you are sick is directly bad for you and can even mess up your heart (a common problem for athletes). The study was just to check if all activity was bad for you when you were sick, or if only some was. Low level activity is isn't really exercising, high level activity is exercising.


IndescribableRuckus t1_is9rka9 wrote

Not a scientist, but I've always felt that sweating is the best way to clean your skin. I can't imagine that there is any topical product that can be as effective as a process that's been bioengineered for thousands of years.


gauchocartero t1_isah59s wrote

Look at some of the proteins upregulated in the chart: YAP1, ITGB1, VASP, EZR, EGFR, RHOQ, NFKB, CDK2… All of these proteins are associated with increased tension in the cellular microenvironment as a result of abnormal matrix deposition, inflammation, oxidative stress.


athena_k t1_isboot9 wrote

Interesting study. Thanks for sharing