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Due-Enthusiasm5656 t1_is9p6cs wrote

Even diet has a huge role in depression. Your microbiome has 30 trillion live bacteria who need fiber and the right nutrients and they send signals up the Vagus nerve to influence almost everything. Left alone what nutrient deficiencies can do.

-source: Max Lugavere's and Paul Grewal's MD, Genius Foods


SnooDoubts826 t1_isbo1lr wrote

how is this not common knowledge though?! I'm scared for humanity when I (and you) are the only people I've ever seen talking about this.


greysneakthief t1_iscw3eh wrote

It's partially because the exact role of intestinal microbiome is still under scrutiny and research. Claims like the one above, while sounding like definitive knowledge, are working theories. No doubt microbiome has an impact on general health, but to what extent is still under some intense debate.


SnooDoubts826 t1_isdgmfo wrote

Obviously if a living creature doesn't get it's required sustenance (proper nutrition), it's health is going to fail. What is there to debate?


Due-Enthusiasm5656 t1_isdq5gf wrote

Seems pretty close to defininitve to me, I'm not waiting for years of research. Scientists are even calling the microbiome "The Forgotten Organ".


Due-Enthusiasm5656 t1_iscihq3 wrote

I guess it's easier not to for people. This comment was -2 before some people came along and voted it up. People want any excuse not to change their diet.