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1714alpha t1_isd7vdy wrote

I dunno, sunshine and naps are free and easy, and pretty damn worthwhile. Things like that only become expensive or difficult because we live in a dystopian hellscape that makes basic functions of life difficult and expensive.


Fuzzycolombo t1_isdaz5o wrote

Sure but cooking and eating healthy meals and making time to exercise day in day out is difficult for many people


1714alpha t1_isdbmj2 wrote

And why exactly are our modern lives so overwhelmingly hectic? It's the artificial demands of our industrialized society. Yes yes, benefits and trade offs, but at least most of our ancestors had enough time to go for a walk and take a nap each day if they wanted to. It sucks that most of us just don't seem to have any breathing room in our own lives anymore.


faafiel t1_ise4ljy wrote

It takes 20 minutes to run 2km if you are unhealthy. If you are decently healthy, you can run 2km in 10 minutes.

Running 20 minutes a day is not a lot of time. Tv shows are 45 minutes long


Fuzzycolombo t1_isek2ns wrote

It’s not difficult in terms of finding the time it’s difficult in terms of finding the motivation. If it weren’t so hard to form consistent exercise routines why do so little people do it?