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RunRevolutionary9019 t1_isdtaa8 wrote

My dad exercised so regularly. Ate really well. Never drank. Never smoked. Died at 73 from dementia. Wasted away. I really think it’s this genetic disorder we have because my brain felt like it was melting until I took methylated vitamins. I was in my mid forties and got evaluated for dementia. They said it was adhd but my adhd was never like that until then. Thankfully I’m feeling a lot better these days.


Icelandicstorm t1_isfhnmu wrote

Hey can you elaborate? I think I can relate to what you’re saying. I’d like to learn more.


RunRevolutionary9019 t1_isfimq0 wrote

I have a genetic disorder called a methylation disorder that is generally mild. But we have the two worst subtypes and they don’t get along as far as treatment goes which makes things tricky. I also did a lot of dumb things like drugs and getting a flu that made things a lot worse. My dad started having issues in his fifties and I started in my late thirties. But I’m treated unlike him so hoping I’ll be ok. What exactly do you want to know? It causes folate and b12 absorption issues. My doctor said fifty percent of dementia patients have low folate levels so it makes sense that dementia runs in my family given we all have this type of this disorder.