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Honest_Blueberry5884 t1_itvx9o0 wrote

> Researchers found that flat-screen TVs were associated with the highest emissions, with about 41 percent of total cumulative emissions, followed by laptops and tablets, flat-screen computer monitors, desktop computers, mobile phones, computer accessories, printers, and gaming consoles.

The irony being that most of these electronic devices have pretty significant useful lifespans today, it’s just their producers demanding yearly upgrades in an unstoppable quest for revenue growth.


yoda_jedi_council t1_itvztfw wrote

Well, and planned obsolescence. Devices are not made to last and processes are on purpose making it hard to repair them.


socialcommentary2000 t1_itwbapd wrote

Planned obsolescence is *somewhat...*and I stress somewhat a canard at this point outside of very specific product types.

The MTTF on pretty much all modern computing equipment (and the boards inside of them) is much longer than the horsepower in any given device can keep up with increasing software demands or the consumables that may be attached to using them, like toner cartridge types for printers, for example.

Preventing repair easily by hard coding preventative measures into specific components...or burying components in assemblies to keep them from being serviced easily very much is a problem. Thing is, with both of those, the failure time is often governed by typical component failure, not necessarily the company setting a specific time they want you to go out and have to buy something.


Honest_Blueberry5884 t1_itwuif8 wrote

They actually are made to last. Their batteries are consumable but that’s an easy fix (part of the thing I’m talking, companies pushing new devices over new batteries).

> processes are on purpose making it hard to repair them.

There is some truth to this.


Black_RL t1_itylw3x wrote

But….. but Apple removed the charger! They care about the environment!

The truth is that only one thing can help, less consumption, not more.

The travesty is that marketing teams have been using climate change as a means of increasing sales, buy this to save the planet! No! Buy this instead! Better yet! Buy all of this if you really care about the environment!

The sad reality, is that we’re not helping by consuming more.


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Trancetastic16 t1_ity5cke wrote

I wonder how much the increase in Crypto/NFTs and the use and disposal of computers to transfer that data have contributed to this.