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ExceedingChunk t1_isazu6m wrote

The mice that had water with 10% sucrose gained weight(and a lot of fat mass), while the mice that drank pure water didn't. My guess is that is is purely from the weight gain, and not the sucrose directly (but indirectly from ease of overconsuming calories).


Bestihlmyhart t1_isd8tvj wrote

I was promised something to do with sex that sounded kinda filthy


No-Explanation-9234 t1_isdjfm2 wrote

Me too. Was wondering if that meant they were gay mice. Can you imagine? Scientist discover gay gene, conservatives go nuts. They'll pour billions of dollars into research, and then market a new vaccine to prevent gayness. It'll have to be a yearly vaccine to ward off new variants of gayness. They'll rollout programs across the states and start the shots, then scientist, say they lied about their findings. The Scientists tweets you morons will believe anything.


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