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LessPoliticalAccount t1_ithgkbk wrote

I feel like the implicit claim in your argument is that "if we end up considering fractals, crystals and rivers intelligent, that's bad." I don't see why we should accept this claim necessarily. What's wrong with biting that bullet? Does the inverse -- believing that there's a particular "type" of complexity that's special, and uniquely human/animal focused, that isn't present in any other part of the universe -- really hold any important value, or is it just born of a sort of emotional attachment to anthropocentrism? I'm inclined to believe the latter.


Spitinthacoola t1_ithibs0 wrote

Its very clearly the latter at this point. If we can't accept that intelligence is substrate agnostic we are going to have a very very bad time in the coming decade.


LessPoliticalAccount t1_ithkvet wrote

I'm incredibly interested in this sort of stuff, but have never seen this article before, so thank you for sharing:)


peasant_python t1_ithulxn wrote

Psst you are not permitted to spell it out, humans are fragile creatures.