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weareeverywhereee t1_itn8ikj wrote

Rule of thumb, if you buy it at a gas station or other similar convenient store…it’s fake


n3w4cc01_1nt t1_itmf2am wrote

there are a lot of sketchy cbd brands the reddit subs seem to have decent recommendations but even then it could be astroturfing.


elixirsatelier t1_itn16fu wrote

Reddit used to have an excellent rating and referral community for less regulated products but Reddit killed it to appease Chinese investments.


DistributedIntellect t1_itnvby8 wrote

Yup just like when people say, "but in legal states, its lab tested!"

Yeah some third party lab slaps a % label on it. No matter how much the weed is broken down, reprocessed, how old it is or how much its degraded, "its lab tested, bro"..


asleepaddict t1_itpvwsn wrote

Most people don’t even view the lab tests. The tests provided through product QR codes could be inaccurate, old, or for a completely different product.

People see “scan this” or “click here” to view lab test results, then assume it is safe without any more inquiry.


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