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pretendperson t1_iu9yfxg wrote

Sleep procrastination is defined as putting off/delaying/avoiding going to bed to sleep as clearly explained in the article.


ShodanLieu t1_iu9ziir wrote

I’m a sleep researcher and I still think the term/phrase “sleep procrastination” isn’t the best. I think “sleep avoidance” is a better choice and edited my previous comment just to be consistent.


-HappyLady- t1_iua4ii7 wrote

As a researcher, shouldn’t you know better than anyone to check how the authors operationalize key terms?


ShodanLieu t1_iua5kd2 wrote

Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean I automatically think the way an author operationally defines a term is the best way of doing so. For example, I also study pain (acute & chronic), and I think the word “pain“ is close to useless for operationally defining someone’s experience. There are so many characteristics to the experiences pain that a simple word does a very poor job of conveying essential information about an individual’s subjective experience.

That’s enough of my soapbox preaching. We all have our pet peeves I suppose. Have a good rest of the day and I hope you enjoy your weekend. Cheers!


Thesheersizeofit t1_iubdekt wrote

The Chinese have a term for it which doesn’t translate well, but is effectively “bedtime revenge procrastination” 報復性熬夜, it’s when people who don’t have control in their life, put off sleep as a means of regaining some semblance of control. Basically self harm.


catpunch_ t1_iubo9lg wrote

I like that phrase, but I don’t see it as self-harm. It’s not the healthiest way to do it but taking time for yourself is ok and necessary