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LikeATediousArgument t1_iuahkf6 wrote

I used to avoid sleep because I got SO LITTLE time to do the things I wanted outside of work.

I’m sure it’s the same for a lot of people.


penn2009 t1_iuaz8rl wrote

Same here. For a lot of us the only time to ourselves is well after 10pm and then before you know it’s 1am and you still haven’t finished what need to nor fully quit worrying about the previous days events.


LikeATediousArgument t1_iuazstn wrote

And that’s still only 3 hours to yourself, filled with guilt and regret.

And I’d still rather be tired and do something for me than feel well rested and ONLY have time to work.


moonbunnychan t1_iucr7dx wrote

I hate going to bed because I hate my free time ending. Knowing the next thing when I wake up is going to work feels awful. Trying to wake up early to have some free time also doesn't work because then ot just feels like I have this sword of damocles hanging over my head and I can't enjoy anything.


CentralComputer t1_iub2uum wrote

And you’re tired and exhausted, so often don’t end up doing the things you wanted, which adds to the anxiety


mdavis360 t1_iuc1aeb wrote

Same for me. All my time is taken my other people. I just want some alone time where I have no responsibility.


thedrybarbarian t1_iublpbk wrote

For me it’s my way of having time to myself for creativity— and to feel like I have some time that is just for me. I know my mother did this and now she STILL doesn’t sleep during the night consistently and it has hurt her health after all these years. Albeit, she spent those late hours smoking and sipping wine


frozen_milk03 t1_iud2t7x wrote

My mom too, she stays up and watches tv until she eventually passes out. She doesn’t really drink like she used to or at all now though (never smoked cuz of asthma). I find myself doing something similar these days, staying up or waking up in the middle of the night.


ribnag t1_iucx3b9 wrote

This exactly.

I'm not anxious, I don't struggle with self regulation, and I'm extremely "mindful of the present". I just have no other time in my life to...

Well, okay, there's where I can't really justify my behavior. What do I do at midnight instead of going to bed? I waste what precious few hours I have to myself reloading Reddit over and over and over.

I suppose there's a case to be made for the benefit of simple recreation, but I don't really feel good about admitting that.


CityRobinson t1_iuceykv wrote

I have the same thing, except I am not working, so I am free to have full day to myself. And still, even though I get sleepy, I have just one more thing to do, and I find myself realizing that it is now 7am. I completely understand the importance of sleep, but somehow my brain thinks of it as wasted time that could be used to do so many better things.


exscapegoat t1_iue3a9t wrote

Yes during the full time work from home, I was able to use some of the commute time to get more sleep. I didn’t have to deal with getting clothes ready or putting in makeup or fixing my hair beyond washing it. My anxiety and insomnia decreased

Now I’m up at 5am, out the door by 6am. I don’t get home until a little after 7pm. I usually get to bed between 9:30 and 10 pm. So I get less than 3 hours to unwind and eat dinner

At least I still have two work from home days


Ratscatsandcrows t1_iudzswd wrote

Fulltime student and single mother…I know that the more sleep I get the better I feel, but I just CANNOT make myself go to bed early after having no time to myself all day


root_over_ssh t1_iudibfa wrote

Seriously- my me time is 11PM until I pass out. Even then, thats just when I just do the quiet things that need to be done.


yah2timez t1_iudkmvh wrote

Didn’t realize I was doing this until I read about it somewhere…. Now that I know I still do it but at least I know why now…. At least until I forget


InvestDM t1_iudrn9i wrote

I have the same feelings… However, the paradox is that the less you sleep the less effective you are and less things you can do in a given amount of time.