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UnderwaterDialect t1_iuajd8p wrote

Anyone have any very concrete and effective ways to deal with this? Beyond just “put your phone away”. I lose like 30 minutes every night to nothing.


thorpeedo22 t1_iualmhv wrote

Exercising or meditation or both if able to based on your schedule. It’s much better if you are exercising early in the morning or on your lunch break if possible vs in the evening, sometimes you can just ramp yourself up and still have the same problem of not falling asleep.


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_iucqpoy wrote

>like 30 minutes

As someone who's been in bed since midnight (it's now 5:04):

show off


DemonDucklings t1_iuc9jgi wrote

I just moved my phone charger to the other side of my room, so I can’t even get into bed until I put my phone away. Then I just started reading instead, which is so much easier to stop because hitting the end of the chapter feels like a natural stopping point, unlike endless scrolling.

I used to waste so many hours before bed, and then also the first few hours in the morning. It’s improved a lot now


mikebe1 t1_iudd4km wrote

Phone in the other room at least an hour before bed, find a peaceful bedtime routine like reading or journaling, and be consistent with your sleep and wakeup times, even on the weekend. I also use blue light blocking glasses an hour before bed.