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Shartthrobb t1_iubfwbf wrote

I feel like so many of these articles that discuss abnormal human behavior and psychology are missing the point that our society is built in a way that is destroying us. But we need money to eat so we have to play the game. But there is absolutely no amount of meditation or stress reduction that can save us.


catpunch_ t1_iubo36k wrote

I used to think that coffee was wrecking my sleep. But then I went on vacation and still had coffee and slept fine. Turns out work is the reason I can’t sleep


hokumjokum t1_iudp95r wrote

I’ve pretty much always worked part time and never in a well-paid position, despite good qualifications, because of anxiety and ADHD, mainly. I always felt like a failure.

Now in my mid 30s I kind of massively value my low earning but low pressure lifestyle, and now wonder if the anxiety and adhd would be even worse if I did the 40+ hour corporate grind thing.

(Should say I lived with my parents until 30 and now live in a nice but inexpensive place)