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Your_Daddy_ t1_iubv9ke wrote

It’s weird, I have always had anxiety issues - but I don’t really consider myself an anxious person.

However, anxiety effects so much of my daily life.

This article puts a name to something I think about often, with “sleep procrastination”.

Have never heard the term, but I have always hated going to bed. Maybe hate is too strong a word, but sleeping is something I have to force myself to do. In the morning, I love it - also hate waking up.

But it’s the slowing down part, ending a day, shutting down the brain is very difficult to do.


hokumjokum t1_iudpom5 wrote

I get you 100%. It’s like consciously deciding to leave the party early - why would I do that?!

Anxiety is my earliest memory and can remember being anxious in ‘normal’ situations my whole life, but I don’t get panic attacks in the supermarket or anything. I was also diagnosed with ADHD this year at 32yo. You ever thought about that?

ADHD shouldn’t really have ‘attention’ in the name; it’s actually a disorder of self-regulation, a part of which means we lack the executive function to get up and do the thing we know we should. Procrastination is a hallmark trait of ADHD, and anxiety is super common too.