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gcanders1 t1_iubylaf wrote

I don’t know about stress. I’m pretty laid back, but there’s definitely something there that’s wrong. This article is making me reflect a lot about how and why I’m spending sleep hours on something else. So here’s an example: Monday. Get up at 5:30, get ready for work by 6:30, get to work by 7:15 and I’m pretty much done with work by 12:15 and have 2.5 hours left at work before I can leave. I have a pretty unique position at a school that isn’t stressful at all. I used to be a teacher, but now I’m managing a special program and my work is over well before I clock out. I get home by 3:15 and go over homework with one of my kids and then either take the dog for a walk, play video games with the kid, workout, or some days I’m driving my kid and neighbor kids to karate or band practice. Dinner is at 6 and then I work on something in my wood shop, or do some other hobby if I’m not driving kids around. So here comes 9:30. I say good night to my wife and she goes to bed. At 10 I’m either scrolling through streaming services for something to watch, looking at YouTube, or doing something hobby related. I’m definitely not stressed at this point, but I feel like I can or should be able to do something more before I have to go to bed. If I’m lucky, it’s something boring and I’ll get to bed in an hour. If it’s something like a series on tv I want to watch, I’ll rationalize going to bed at midnight or later. It’s dumb and I know it’s a stupid thing I’m doing, yet here I am.


leonra28 t1_iugsgih wrote

Maybe you need time alone.

I feel drained if spend all day with ppl , even my favourite ppl.