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Joeclu t1_isef6s7 wrote

Would love it if someone could summarize? Maybe explain?

When the adhesive is removed, the blood goes back to normal and they live? A normal life? Could a person?


Massochistic t1_iseje63 wrote

This is a bit different, but there is a thing called amnion which can be used as a liquid or thin membrane, covering wounds and allowing your body to regenerate itself rather than produce scar tissue.


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Massochistic t1_isenoi2 wrote

Amnion is amniotic fluid and it is part of the reptile/mammal embryo during embryonic development


nerd4code t1_iseq6lq wrote

Also, ammonium is an ion (NH₄⁺); ammonia is the molecule (NH₃).


Kriemhilt t1_iseot45 wrote

Sounds like the adhesive is a porous gel designed to let the liquid part of blood through while keeping the clotting agents and other solids in place. So, it ought to allow normal clotting behaviour in situations where blood loss would otherwise be too fast to allow clots to form. If the adhesive is removed after the clot has formed ... there's still a clot there.


fearoffish t1_ish7pl9 wrote

Which of you joker scientists put googly eyes on that fish? Come on, own up. It’s not big and it’s not clever!


stoph_link t1_ishke4k wrote

It always makes me smile how flat worms look cross-eyed XD


majnuker t1_ish76i2 wrote

So they made medigel from Mass Effect? Neat!


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