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xanthes94 t1_isfcabf wrote

From my understanding they don’t display complex behavior. Experiments ran with nano bots show that colony organisms that display “complex behavior” when moving is just a side effect of random motion. When you have a lot of things all performing random motion, they tend to organize because thermodynamics favors that they all move a certain way.


Dave30954 t1_isgcf9e wrote

Ooh! That’s so cool, what is it that they all tend to do?


p-terydactyl t1_ishkw49 wrote

The complex behavior would be how we manipulate those simple processes kind of like binary, it's only 1 and 0 but we can manipulate it to do extremely complex tasks


VivendusMoriendumEst t1_isi9llq wrote

Yeah the way I'd put it, the "behavior" is more a result of the physical interaction of the parts and environment rather than the active sensation-response-sensation system of ants and whatnot


antiquemule t1_isiwrzx wrote

Yep. I am underwhelmed. The PR offices of MIT and Harvard love overselling this kind of stuff.


MilkofGuthix t1_isgr7cv wrote

Ahh similar to the game of life?


SkooksOnReddit t1_ish21dc wrote

Game of life is set on simple rules. What the commenter described is expending the least amount of energy.


S1umL0rdAkr0n t1_iseqvm9 wrote

Nano bots! There's no place to run!


mister____mime t1_isffk2b wrote

Eaten by a swarm of nano bots sounds horrible but it’s kind of an exciting way to go if you think about it.


HollandJim t1_ises1ki wrote

Oh great. You want Moonfall? Because that’s how you get Moonfall.


AldoLagana t1_isewm1o wrote

I cannot wait to see the evil that this can conjure.


Bierbart12 t1_isesmoq wrote

Finally. Nanobots will probably start a new age


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SiliconeArmadildo t1_ishoc6x wrote

So we don't have to go 900 year into the future using a stolen Klingon time crystal to get programmable matter?


tpro72 t1_isguuad wrote

Ahh smart people ruining the world... Yess! FOR THE WIN


Mcboomsauce t1_isf66o7 wrote

Finally, something nobody wanted


greg0525 t1_isezav6 wrote

So basically they have created intelligent life.


VoilaVoilaWashington t1_isfdaal wrote

Not really. The nanoparticles will only perform a single way when combined that way, so it's basically just a human lining up dominos to knock over in an artistic way.


greg0525 t1_isfosk8 wrote

I see. So they are not able to do much more.