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NicNoletree t1_itnstbc wrote

> Scientific breakthrough: a joint study by TAU and the Hebrew University, involving 20 researchers from different countries and disciplines, has accurately dated 21 destruction layers at 17 archaeological sites in Israel by reconstructing the direction and/or intensity of the earth's magnetic field recorded in burnt remnants. The new data verify the Biblical accounts of the Egyptian, Aramean, Assyrian, and Babylonian military campaigns against the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah.


> "Based on the similarity or difference in intensity and direction of the magnetic field, we can either corroborate or disprove hypotheses claiming that specific sites were burned during the same military campaign. Moreover, we have constructed a variation curve of field intensity over time which can serve as a scientific dating tool, similar to the radiocarbon dating method."


gmanriemann t1_itp0ob2 wrote

Is Hazael a nickname of Nandor?


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Only_the_Tip t1_ito4fif wrote

Magnetic fields huh, but did the tarot cards corroborate this finding?


Foomaster512 t1_ito4u9n wrote

Idk why you’re comparing the two


TheLastForestOnEarth t1_ito7kc5 wrote

I think at this point, this idea of dating things by magnetic field recordings in burnt things may still be in need of more believers. Using it to confirm biblical events doesn't help the technology to gain following and support IMO. Don't get me wrong, it could be perfectly reasonable and accurate, but it's the perfect storm of weirdness when you're first hearing of a new technique in this context.