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chrisdh79 OP t1_itq1q49 wrote

From the article: Scientists are searching far and wide for new tools in the battle against rising obesity rates, and lately a promising candidate has emerged from piles of purified sand. A new study has bolstered the potential of silica particles made from this material by showing how they block enzyme activity to hamper the body’s uptake of fats and sugars, while also hinting at the ideal design for the optimal anti-obesity effects.

The research was carried out by scientists at the University of South Australia, and builds on earlier work exploring how engineered silica particles can impact the way the body absorbs energy from high-fat foods. Previous studies have shown mesoporous silica particles can drive weight loss in obese mice when added to their diet, and can be safely tolerated in male humans as a food additive. One 2020 paper also hinted at the best shape and size of particle to induce anti-obesity effects.

“Porous silica has received increasing attention for its anti-obesity potential, with human trials showing it is a safe therapy,” said lead researcher Paul Joyce. “However, exactly how it works has eluded researchers – until now. Our research shows how porous silica promotes an anti-obesity effect by functioning locally in the gut to restrict fat and carbohydrate digestion and absorption. Importantly, the gentle mechanism is expected to deliver clinically effective outcomes for weight loss, without adverse effects.”


dak-sm t1_ittefih wrote

Yeah. Let’s treat the symptom by the most convoluted path possible. We weren’t always this fat, and the change in obesity rates has occurred in an evolutionarily insignificant amount of time. Can we then conclude that it is food/lifestyle that is causing the problem and address first?


TequillaShotz t1_ittgbc6 wrote

An ounce of prevention...? Nah, no one's going to profit from that. Indeed, many would lose profits from that.


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Wenuven t1_itsqsdk wrote

Suddenly it makes sense why everyone I sent to Camp Buehring lost 10+ lbs.


MTL_t3k t1_itsy5wb wrote

"Scientists are searching far and wide for new tools in the battle against rising obesity rates."

Look no further than the triple bacon cheeseburger in the average couch potato's fat mitts. Replace that with sand, et voilà, obesity problem solved.


Old_timey_brain t1_itq89y2 wrote

" ... by showing how they block enzyme activity to hamper the body’s uptake of fats and sugars... "

Or, simply don't consume as much fats and sugars. Easy to do and tastes good, probably costs less as well.


wtgreen t1_itqfamz wrote

To be fair many don't find it so "easy to do"


Old_timey_brain t1_itqkidd wrote

True, I've lived in areas where it was difficult to get fresh, or to cook it, and I noticed the effect.

But shouldn't that be the focus instead of how to counter the effects?


brainwired1 t1_itqtpiu wrote

Hey, if you've got the executive functionality to shop, cook and clean up fresh, healthy foods, good for you. Not all of us can handle that after working a twelve hour shift..


Old_timey_brain t1_itqvuzf wrote

I do remember well, and it was a rough time in life.

The problem for me was I didn't realize how serious the problem was until I was out of it. Even now there are many days in which I am barely able to get by, and count on the one dish meal stash I have in the fridge. One day in the kitchen gets me a good meal each day for ten days.