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Old_timey_brain t1_itq89y2 wrote

" ... by showing how they block enzyme activity to hamper the body’s uptake of fats and sugars... "

Or, simply don't consume as much fats and sugars. Easy to do and tastes good, probably costs less as well.


wtgreen t1_itqfamz wrote

To be fair many don't find it so "easy to do"


Old_timey_brain t1_itqkidd wrote

True, I've lived in areas where it was difficult to get fresh, or to cook it, and I noticed the effect.

But shouldn't that be the focus instead of how to counter the effects?


brainwired1 t1_itqtpiu wrote

Hey, if you've got the executive functionality to shop, cook and clean up fresh, healthy foods, good for you. Not all of us can handle that after working a twelve hour shift..


Old_timey_brain t1_itqvuzf wrote

I do remember well, and it was a rough time in life.

The problem for me was I didn't realize how serious the problem was until I was out of it. Even now there are many days in which I am barely able to get by, and count on the one dish meal stash I have in the fridge. One day in the kitchen gets me a good meal each day for ten days.