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Heyblorp t1_iu8dov9 wrote

The scientific publication industry needs to be completely reviewed IMO.

From direct knowledge of someone in a publishing company which charges money for access to stuff that could literally be on an open website, the whole thing is actually an industry and a lot of articles "peer review" just means "is this internally consistent and typo free?" and reviews are rarely done by actual peers with the niche knowledge required to review.

Perhaps a single NGO with transparent policies and procedures that hosts approved papers in a freely accessible public location would be a better option.

The Open Access movement is good, but not enough IMO, because it's not digging down in to the entrenched communities working at some of these publications.


UnfinishedProjects t1_iu8tire wrote

Exactly. You can't continue to call yourself a "scientific publication" if you're not publishing REAL science. It's literally only hindering.