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cessationoftime t1_iu8su9l wrote

And it requires an entirely different medium from english language text.


therealdannyking t1_iua3m4r wrote

What medium and language would you suggest?


cessationoftime t1_iudb3tj wrote

An engineered language similar to Lojban or a programming language that can keep track of dependencies and have an enforced structure.


SokoJojo t1_iugpovo wrote

Agree to disagree. If people want to translate work by all means go for it but English should be the standard


cessationoftime t1_iuidzse wrote

English isn't structured enough. The current system is a complete mess and causes most experiments to not be reproducible. Translations could potentially be in the other direction. So that things are written in a structured language and then automatically translated into english. But translation to English causes information losses.