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catscanmeow t1_iska4ru wrote

You'll be low in magnesium if your stomach acid is not acidic enough so its not enough to just supplement magnesium but you need to ensure you're actually absorbing it.

Just something to be aware of for people who have GERD which is in a lot of cases a result of low stomach HCL and goes hand in hand with magnesium deficiency.


basmwklz OP t1_isiyk8i wrote

Abstract: >Metabolic-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD) (previously known as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)) is a disease with high worldwide prevalence, but with limited available therapeutic interventions. Autophagy is a cell survival mechanism for clearing excess lipids in hepatocytes and affects the occurrence and development of MAFLD. In addition, some studies have shown that magnesium deficiency is common in patients with obesity and metabolic syndrome. Magnesium supplementation can effectively improve metabolism-related diseases such as obesity and fatty liver. Our study successfully constructed a cellular model of MAFLD by 1 mM free fatty acid (FFA) intervention in LO2 cells for 24 h, and there was an increase in lipid accumulation in hepatocytes after FFA intervention. Magnesium supplementation was shown to reduce lipid deposition in hepatocytes induced by FFA, and Western blotting (WB) analysis showed that magnesium supplementation could downregulate the expression of Fasn and SREBP1 and increase the expression of LPL, suggesting that magnesium can reduce lipid accumulation by reducing lipid synthesis and increasing lipid oxidation. Magnesium supplementation could affect cellular lipid metabolism by activating the AMPK/mTOR pathway to stimulate autophagy. Our results identified a relationship between magnesium and lipid accumulation in hepatocytes and showed that magnesium supplementation reduced lipid deposition in hepatocytes by activating autophagy by activating the AMPK-mTOR pathway.


Lightsouttokyo t1_isjr043 wrote

Did they supply a typical type of magnesium to help supplement….?


return_the_urn t1_ism0mpd wrote

I thought mg threoante was the most easily absorbed type, could be wrong though


mime454 t1_isn45mm wrote

That’s the one that gets to the brain the best


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kingmonsterzero t1_isj5mt5 wrote

So, don’t be deficient In magnesium? I’m assuming. Autographs is like cell renewal right?


joylutz t1_isluj4c wrote

Magnesium is so very important! It’s responsible for over 360 different connections in our bodies! There’s no more in our food chain. Even tho I am a very knowledgeable chef I can’t get enough magnesium from foods. I have supplemented for many years and at 65 I am on ZERO medication