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youreblockingmyshot t1_isj6xo2 wrote


The cognitive sciences have been dominated by English-speaking researchers studying other English speakers.

We review studies examining language and cognition, contrasting English to other languages, by focusing on differences in modality, form-meaning mappings, vocabulary, morphosyntax, and usage rules.

Critically, the language one speaks or signs can have downstream effects on ostensibly nonlinguistic cognitive domains, ranging from memory, to social cognition, perception, decision-making, and more.

The over-reliance on English in the cognitive sciences has led to an underestimation of the centrality of language to cognition at large.

To live up to its mission of understanding the representational and computational capacities of the human mind, cognitive science needs to broaden the linguistic diversity represented in its participants and researchers.

All the above is from the article


ragavan_control t1_isjm53l wrote

This problem plagues all social sciences. The vast majority of social science research from pre-2000s comes specifically from western college students and has been extrapolated to represent humanity as a whole.


8to24 t1_isj3y4p wrote

We use language to color our realities and not all languages are identical.


therealdannyking t1_isju2u5 wrote

The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis has been thoroughly discredited.


8to24 t1_isjvlo4 wrote

That hypothesis implies language is determinant of the way one thinks. That is levels beyond anything I implied. Coloring ones view and determining ones view are not equivalent.


magnuMDeferens t1_isjpva8 wrote

Is this a culture thing or true language thing


ChilindriPizza t1_isj6vaj wrote

English is VERY hard to pronounce.

This is coming from somebody whose first language is phonetic and has a grand total of 5 vowel sounds.


bdubdub t1_ismhjzz wrote

If you think English is bad, you should try Danish


Massochistic t1_isjywc6 wrote

This is why I’m happy English is my native language


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Yeah let’s go back to Latin

puniat omnis ano!


--Turbine-- t1_ismcxxc wrote

Some poor medical student is probably using Google translate somewhere and just learnt he needs to use a tampon to stop arterial bleeding.

I've tried the translate route and it often doesn't make sense.