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Ace_Dystopia t1_iti340g wrote

While aspartame and bitrex can be used for fit testing, you’ll still need a nebulizer and a hood to test the fit.

If there were masks or even N95s that could tell you the fit upon putting it on, I’d consider that a simpler solution.


PandaDad22 t1_itibhbv wrote

I’ve done it many times. The test is simple and tests exactly what needs to be. Its cheap and easy.

MIT is not solving a problem here.


Ace_Dystopia t1_iticzgv wrote

I live in Canada and the costs for a mask fitting test kit or even a homemade one can be more than $100. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but all the nebulizers I see sold are over $50+, which I wouldn’t consider cheap.

The 3M mask fitting test kit is a couple hundreds of dollars.


E_Snap t1_itk6het wrote

Okay so let’s build costly circuitry into disposable masks then? Oh, and don’t forget to make sure your mask has batteries, otherwise it won’t be able to tell you whether it fits or not.


RebelWithoutAClue t1_itk8brk wrote

Bitrex is is disgusting stuff. A trace amount of it on your face can easily get to your mouth when you have lunch.

Aspartame is a pretty good option but it's detection limit will be higher in that we'd need to have more leaking in to detect it.