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cesium-sandwich t1_iso227q wrote

"wearable soft robot", are words that would have comforted me as a child, but sorta freak me out as an adult.


Wagamaga OP t1_isnmtpt wrote

Abstract Social soft robotics may provide a new solution for alleviating human pain and fear. Here, we introduce a hand-held soft robot that can be clenched by the wearer. The robot comprises small airbags that can be inflated to provide the wearer with a feeling of being clenched. We then conducted an in-depth study of 66 adults who participated in a pain research protocol using thermal stimulation to investigate the effect of wearing the robot on pain perception and fear of injections. Pain assessment scale scores for perceived pain decreased significantly (p<0.05) when participants wore the robot compared with the baseline condition in which the robot was not worn. In addition, the saliva test results showed a downward trend in oxytocin level when the robot provided the wearer with haptic feedback via the inflation of the internal airbags in response to the wearer’s clench.


OfLittleToNoValue t1_isnyydr wrote

Having cats or dogs is probably more fulfilling and less creepy.


throwaway11334569373 t1_isnzlhq wrote

This robot could be used for medical procedures such as taking blood or getting a shot, where a cat or dog would be unpredictable and require more work to take care of, and where the patient doesn’t have someone there to hold their hand.


LagT_T t1_isolkg8 wrote

Pretty straightforward military applications. Would really impact any militia. Could also be the first addictive wearable. Very interesting.


AbeliaGG t1_isp1aun wrote

I think people would attach more rapidly depending on how strong the effectiveness is. Yeah, that type of reliance is definitely usable for both coping during deployment and for improving performance with specific tools.


erik_33_DK13 t1_isplxbo wrote

whenever i get my blood pressure checked that air cushion thing always feels amazing. same thing here?


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Legitimate_Web_7245 t1_isnq2qp wrote

Why would I want to wear a robot that can alleviate the pain and fear of wearing a robot? Why just NOT wear the robot and avoid it all together?


El_Hugo t1_isnv5rh wrote

>Why would I want to wear a robot that can alleviate the pain and fear of wearing a robot? Why just NOT wear the robot and avoid it all together?

That's not what it's supposed to do. It alleviated pain and fear overall. Not just the fear of wearing a robot.


Legitimate_Web_7245 t1_isnvw5b wrote

Yeah, it was a joke.


duckduckduck21 t1_isq9427 wrote

Redditors hate humor.


Legitimate_Web_7245 t1_isqwg0v wrote

Apparently.....good Lord. Then again, it's social media of which I sort of have a love/hate relationship for that very reason. A very populated minefield. It's navigationable....(oooo, new word???) but you have no idea where to step.