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mmammad t1_ispgkq6 wrote

The American cancer society recently put out a warning that many keratin treatments have been found to contain high levels of formaldehyde (known carcinogen). It is marketed as being a “natural treatment” so many aren’t aware that they should even check for toxic ingredients. I would tell her to make sure it’s an organic brand of keratin treatment and review the ingredients thoroughly or switch to another method of hair maintenance.


esperind t1_ispjj6z wrote

>formaldehyde (known carcinogen). It is marketed as being a “natural treatment

for the record, a carcinogen is anything that may cause cancer. So if you were to look up the list, the sun would be included as a carcinogen because it can cause skin cancer. The sun is obviously "natural". Likewise, formaldehyde is naturally occurring, in our own bodies even. But just like the sun, if you get too much of it, it might cause something bad to happen. Just because the sun could cause cancer doesnt mean you should avoid going outside. And just because formaldehyde can cause cancer doesn't meaning you're gonna get cancer from a hair treatment. The point is just don't get too much of either.


myusernamehere1 t1_ispw4nx wrote

You still should definitely not knowingly ingest or apply any amount of formaldehyde though


Manyhigh t1_isq0ow3 wrote

Of course, as you shouldn't with many natural substances like botulin, or brown bears.


DShepard t1_isq5912 wrote

Brown bears can be safely ingested, though preferably you should make sure they're dead first.


Wandering_Scholar6 t1_issl4c6 wrote

What about mercury levels in brown bears? They are an apex predator that (depending on the bear) may eat lots of ocean predators.

Also definitely cook them, brown bear parasites and germs can likely live happily in your body if you let them.


captaincumsock69 t1_isrj4ye wrote

I would love to see you ingest an entire brown bear dead or alive


DShepard t1_isrpgps wrote

Give me a deep freezer and a couple of years to do it


Levainathan t1_israbkp wrote

The amount of idiots here acting like they know what they are talking about is appalling

Here is a study mentioning of a carcinogen and these dumbfucks immediately disregard it because its named a carcinogen and therefore it must be as safe as the sun or whatever


myusernamehere1 t1_isrgeb8 wrote

Its like people forgot that they are supposed to wear sunscreen and how horrible skin cancer is


jarsnazzy t1_istbita wrote

It's like reddit is full of contrarian children


narkybark t1_isqhurv wrote

There's a UTI treatment (methenamine, taken orally) that relies on converting to formaldehyde in the body. Surprisingly, the few studies that have been done show no carcinogenic significance. As opposed to inhaling it which definitely did.


captaincumsock69 t1_isrj22n wrote

What about ingesting the sun?


Wandering_Scholar6 t1_isslrnq wrote

Experts warn that indirect sun ingestion can be dangerous depending on your intermediary. Stick to domesticated sun converters and wash them before ingestion.

For direct sun ingestion experts say it is not recommended, but it sounds super cool so please make sure you record all readings for said experts while you burn. They want that data.


Afronerd t1_isq9ww5 wrote

You can't completely avoid formaldehyde because it occurs naturally in many foods, especially meat and produce.


ItsNumber84 t1_isr4qsd wrote

I think their point was that you can avoid splashing it around in your hair, yeah?


HelluvaKnight t1_isrim37 wrote

No you don't understand it forms naturally so you can chug it.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_issj3kj wrote

Reminds me of when dipping a cigarette in formaldehyde was a thing. I can't imagine how much damage that does, even in one sitting.


Levainathan t1_isra6n8 wrote

This logic is bs just because it has the word carcinogen slapped on it doesnt mean its as harmful as the sun or other chemicals..

Especially when theres a study being done on this you dont even have the qualifications to tell people”oh its harmless bro anything is a carcinogen”


mmrrbbee t1_isruskb wrote

Uranium is technically organic too


armorhide406 t1_ist81sa wrote

technically anything carbon based is organic, so no uranium is not organic. Naturally occurring, locally sourced, free range, sure