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tipsygrape t1_isqmyg8 wrote


disdkatster t1_isqscbl wrote

What is wrong with frizz? I love frizz. It is what you would expect an angel to have. A lovely halo. I also love some straight hair. Hell, I would be happy to have a thick head of hair of either type (mine is mousey brown, thing and supper fine). So I guess we all want what we don't have. I also don't get fake eyelashes but I might have when I was in my 20s. Mostly they look like a bug crawled onto someone's eye. Tastes are very individual.


tipsygrape t1_isqsze3 wrote

Tastes are subjective…like music, art, etc. I personally hate frizz. It’s unmanageable and ugly to me.


laylatov t1_isquavo wrote

Not too mention how it feels! People are like “ oh it’s fine I love your curls !” ……but they are so uncomfortable to me! The frizz is physically annoying and having hair doubling in size in humidity is also very uncomfortable lollll