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trees202 t1_isr18v3 wrote

Sooo should I wear a mask while getting my Brazilian blowout?


Calm_Forever_2277 t1_isr2dtu wrote

More like an industrial strength respirator.

Some salons make stylists and clients wear industrial strength respirators .They do it at Mark Garrison salon in Manhattan.


French___toasted t1_isrd7xs wrote

Stop getting them. Your natural hair is beautiful and so are you.


LightningEnex t1_isrpu6r wrote

God forbid people with curls want a different, uniform hairstyle/texture. Especially if you naturally got several of them to begin with.

Sincerely, a person with curly hair who is sick of seeing that sentence every time they look into straightening methods right beside a plethora of ads/people of interest with naturally straight hair rocking different curly/wavy styles.

Curly hair is work to manage, takes forever to detangle, brush and dry and in general takes a lot more effort to not look dissheveled. With straightened hair I can just brush for a minute, then throw it in a ponytail if I don't feel like caring about it and be done with it.

Curls are so fun and beautiful to look at until you're stuck with them 24/7 and have to look at all the upkeep necessary.


BabySinister t1_isrs9fv wrote

You could just shave it off! No more worrying about your hair ever, no more washing, brushing, straightening, conditioning ever again. You could do it yourself in your own home and the equipment costs a couple of bucks.


LightningEnex t1_isrt91x wrote

Yeah, thats what a lot of especially men with very curly hair do. That or dreads.

If bald, buzzcut or dreads aren't your cup of tea, then you only have the options of a lot of upkeep or straightening.


BabySinister t1_isrw5tf wrote

I started shaving a decade ago and never looked back, hair is overrated and a hassle.