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SpartanEngineer92 t1_isrbash wrote

Why would you straighten those beautiful curls?


pandamonium_ t1_isrns43 wrote

You want what you don't have. I have naturally straight hair and always wanted curly hair. From what I understand, straight hair is also easier to manage (e.g. tie up or back, can use a little moisture to defrizz, etc.) compared to curly hair.


neverheardthatphrase t1_isugkcq wrote

I got curls when I started puberty at age 9. My hair was perfectly straight before then. Kids at my school bullied me so bad for the curls that I was embarrassed. I begged my mom to let me get my hair professionally straightened and so she agreed. I did it for years from ages 11 to like 15. I stopped when I was in high school and switched to a flat iron. I stopped caring what people think and now I just go around with my frizzy hair.


Strazdas1 t1_issc7v4 wrote

because they arent beautiful nor practical?


achilles4206 t1_isumn7z wrote

Curls are fundamentally beautiful.

Society’s expectations on what is beauty changes on a day to day basis.


Strazdas1 t1_iswv5od wrote

Curls are fundamentally ugly.

What is beauty is written in our genomes to benefit procreation and survival and has not changed in thousands of years.