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Mattcheco t1_issddcb wrote

That’s not true, you can ingest an amount of carcinogen that won’t affect a healthy person. Formaldehyde for example is naturally created and used in the human body.


Z3t4 t1_isselbo wrote

That's not how it works, not everybody that is exposed to a carcinogen develops cancer.

But there is not amount of carcinogen that you can take with no possibilities of developing it.

So there is no safe dose.


Mattcheco t1_isseswb wrote

That’s why I said “healthy person” you’re being pedantic but it’s still a silly argument considering things like breathing regularly contain carcinogens, or eating slightly burnt toast, or red meat.


Z3t4 t1_issiqh2 wrote

Plenty of healthy people develop cancer. We all take carcinogens everyday.

That's how reality works, there is no "safe".

Only risk management.