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Emotional_Ant5163 t1_itui9ik wrote

I strongly disagree with the time you take to care a curly hair × Straightned hair (I had already both). When you have curly hair, you take more time washing and waiting to get dry.

But when you get it straight you have to wash more frequently because your hair doesn't suck the oils produced by your scalp anymore. Beside that, you will have to start to blow-dry your roots after 1 month because they are growing curly. If you try to do the quimical straightening each 2 months, you will spend a loooot money, your hair will be destroyed with so many aggression and you will have to spend a lot of time in hairdresser. (It takes at least 3 hours to get the treatment done).


FiftyShadesOfGregg t1_itvy08s wrote

it sounds like your curly hair was happy with just regular brushing and air drying? Mine was not, and a lot of girls' isn't (particularly those who opt for relaxers). So add in time for brush styling and diffusing (diffusing took an hour). My curls never looked good the next day, so I'd have to re-wet and style (or just put it in a bun). My curls were really picky and finnicky, because my hair is low porosity and fine. So for me, curly hair took way longer than what you're describing. I get a Brazilian blowout every 4 months or so, and for the entire time in between blow drying takes like 5-10 minutes, OR I can actually let it air dry, something I could never do with untreated curly hair. The treatments do cost a lot of money, so that's the trade-off. But the time saved is the biggest factor for me!


Emotional_Ant5163 t1_itw0t10 wrote

You don't have curly hair. If you had, would be impossible to air dry after 1 month you have 1 cm of roots already of hair with different texture.