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dvdmaven t1_isr1qbj wrote

Interesting that the increase in strength was only noted in people who got the EAA from animal sources. Equivalent intake from non-animal sources did not translate to higher strength.


L7Death t1_isr7nao wrote

Well, if you look at the amounts of protein needed from various sources to maximize MPS, animal sources of proteins have huge advantages over plant sources of proteins. This is true even when those proteins are isolated.


catscanmeow t1_isrhrsw wrote

well we know for sure that a vegan diet does not make you the worlds strongest man, because all the worlds top athletes would be vegan if it gave them a competitive advantage. They dont care about morals or flavor, if it means better performance they will always choose the better performance, they prioritize performance so much that so many athletes are willing to risk millions of dollars to cheat with illegal PEDs to get a slight edge against the competition, so if going vegan gave them an edge they'd all be lining up to do it.


MethylSamsaradrolone t1_isvamt8 wrote

Compounding that, deriving the relevant EAAs from non-animal sources would be wildly inefficient even at the consumer price per serve level.


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fried_terrence t1_isurh6m wrote

So looks like ima buy some more fish oil pills soon


cgarcia123 t1_it2ly8x wrote

This is about amino acids, used by the body to make proteins, not about fatty acids as in oil :)