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Lok_Die t1_isvjhya wrote

It's old science. It is mostly out of date and incorrect. What is correct about it is if you take genetic trash and change the words to duplicated genes, then it would be correct.

Men carry a Y chromosome that is more or less intact from their fathers so on and so forth into history, as this particular chromosome does not recombine with the X chromosome. Which in a weird way means the Y chromosome reproduces itself A-sexually, it is more of a clone of the one boys share with their fathers. Also it seems that according to this paper the Y chromosome has been subjected to intense selection forces that have Whittled it down to the size that it currently is. In fact it is mentioned in this article that the Y chromosome has been very stable for a very long time. Although it does mention that when the Y chromosome doesn't have enough duplicates of certain genes it can result in heavy fertility issues in men.