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wicketcity t1_iu5xjr3 wrote

A “dome-shaped structure” could also be described as a 3 dimensional bell curve with normal distribution… which can only mean that someone’s been teaching all of the bees how to use statistics. But who?


CountVanillula t1_iu629zr wrote

We need to follow the money. What’s their endgame? Why is this so important that they’re willing to infiltrate every hive? How high up does this thing go!?


SirJoe2 t1_iu7swa3 wrote

No, we must think “cui bono?”. Who has an advantage because of this?


sfzombie13 t1_iu8mkwz wrote

high enough for someone to try to eliminate the bees. what stakes does roundup have in the game?


n3m37h t1_iu5i1jx wrote

Should call it bee's law meow


JanItorMD t1_iu613kj wrote

That’s very impressive given that even a tiny amount of motion results in motion artifacts in CT images.


Elphya t1_iu7rpwp wrote

"Getting bees to sit still for their X-rays took some work, noted Olga Shishkov, lead author of the study and a postdoctoral researcher in the Peleg Lab at BioFrontiers.

First, the researchers relied on honeybee queens to coax thousands of worker bees to join into swarms in the lab—these structures, which often hang upside-down, look a bit like a wriggly Jell-O mold. Then, the team rotated those swarms in front of a small CT machine originally developed for veterinary hospitals."


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No_Wedding7877 t1_iu846cc wrote

The magnetic field is more important than the brain.There's a lot more complicated information in it


sfzombie13 t1_iu8mnxc wrote

close, but not quite. it's literally hive mind, where the term originated.


k3surfacer t1_iu8ryme wrote

>following surprisingly sophisticated mathematical rules

Surprising? Yes, because our assumption on what is capable of what we might be able to comprehend is wrong.


20Characters_orless t1_iu93j9k wrote

Do Bee's follow the rules, or do sophisticated mathematical rules, follow the Bees?