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footcandlez t1_isuz1fl wrote

I'm so used to seeing "the authors declare no conflicts of interest" that this was interesting:

"SB, SY, AB, LH, DW, AH, KP, PW, and DL are employees of Mars Petcare, a manufacturer of pet food and provider of veterinary services."

Not that working for a pet food manufacturer would skew the results, but it certainly raises an eyebrow. If they instead found that CBD had adverse effects, would they have swept these findings under the rug?


dizzymorningdragon t1_isvm4zg wrote

Adding CBD to something and then quadrupling the price has been the latest trend


johnjohn4011 t1_isvd621 wrote

Are they claiming "no adverse results"? Because that sounds rather different to me than "well tolerated".....


footcandlez t1_isw7cua wrote

That's fair. They did find elevated levels of ALP in the CBD group, which apparently is a type of liver enzyme. But they say it was clinically insignificant because there was not an elevation of other liver enzymes, which would have been better evidence of liver injury.


johnjohn4011 t1_isx6byl wrote

And of course, there is no long term data available yet...


McBleezy8 t1_isvdn7n wrote

They tested at a very low dosage and if that had adverse effects my guess is the only thing they could do was not publish it and do further research to determine the length of the adverse effects. I don’t know what Mars Petcare primarily makes but I doubt they’d pull any CBD products off the shelves if they did find adverse effects. Whether or not they would be liable for making statements contrary to their own research is a grey area. In my experience at least very rarely will a private business pay for research and publish if it runs counter to their objective but it has happened usually due to them realizing any other researcher would inevitably come to the same conclusion.

That’s just my take*


footcandlez t1_isw73wq wrote

Yeah that's what I mean, that they maybe would not have published it, if it was counterproductive to their agenda.


lordmycal t1_isuplnj wrote

But why would you want to do this?


danchiri t1_isut1wr wrote

Lowers inflammation, can reduce anxiety, can help lower frequency of seizures in some dogs.


abnmfr t1_isw1e5t wrote

My brother's dog had bad joint inflammation in her hips. CBD supplementation allowed her to move around better.

My neighbor's dog is way too high-energy and barks nearly constantly unless given a low dose of CBD.


pugofthewildfrontier t1_iswnv8u wrote

Any brand recommendations? There’s so much out there I don’t want to risk wasting money and being unsure if it works


abnmfr t1_isxbl69 wrote

I buy mine from Lazarus Naturals.


TheKombuchaDealer t1_isy7m2j wrote

oh man those dude's are pricey at over 5x the price of zero point extraction.


antiMATTer724 t1_isw2f15 wrote

My dog started having seizures in December 2021. We started her on 2x daily cbd, and at first it was a month, then 2 months, and now she's gone almost 5 months now without an episode.


Senior-Action7039 t1_isye246 wrote

The LD50 for dogs is many times higher than humans, so I'm not surprised. Rhet are sensitive to different things. My older lab did very well with CBD gummies when her hips starting going bad.


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