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Waru_ t1_itr8h2i wrote

I wish I knew what this means


BlissBloomEntity t1_itrf8j2 wrote

A quasi particle is a temporary particle which is not found like fundamental particles like protons, electrons etc.

But it forms due to interactions between them, because of forces, it is also called as an exciton.

There are phonons particles of sound, magnons particles of magnetic fields..

A Bose Einstein condensate is a state of matter

A state of matter is how a bunch of matter is.

All the particles we have found are of 2 types

Fermion and bosons.

Fermions are like individual balls,

If you keep packing them and squizing a bunch of them, they will not merge in themselves.

Bosons are like bunch of energy balls, they can merge.

When you take energy from the bunch of particles, they come more close.

A bose einstein condensate is a cooled bunch of bosons.

When you take energy from bosons they first behave like bunch of balls,

But when you cool it more

They behave like waves,

( Because quantum (smaller beyond human world) particles can also behave like waves)

And the waves start to collapse,

And at the 0 temperature of universe

All waves collapse at this low energy.

The energy balls attain the stable energy state available

And this is the bose Einstein condensate.

Quasi particles also form bose Einstein condensate.


TheLaughingLion23 t1_itrghld wrote

This was a great explanation for someone who doesn’t know much about science. Thank you so much!


Accujack t1_itteqaz wrote

> A state of matter is how a bunch of matter is.

I heard this in zefrank's voice.


[deleted] t1_ittudlm wrote

All good and correct but the “state of matter” definition was a tad lazy … :)


BlissBloomEntity t1_itvof9r wrote

It do feels vagueish at first but I just wanted to make them feel what is matter best without adding more words...


[deleted] t1_itvtvi9 wrote

I would not have been able to explain state of matter without referring to liquid gas solid or else… and I know a thing or two about BEC


tinymonesters t1_itrmzbc wrote

Thanks for the breakdown. I commented that I need the ELI5 sub version and it was already here just under someone else's comment.


Justify_87 t1_ittyqsb wrote

I still don't know what it is. What properties does it have? How does it look? Is it solid? Is it even possible to explain it in simple terms?


BlissBloomEntity t1_ittzr9q wrote

There's no thing like there are only some states if matter,

Its just how the matter behaves.

In our human world we can observe 3 states of matter.

Bose einstein condensate is the group of bosons at 0 temperature of universe.

So we can only observe it with special observation things.

For 0 temperature of universe the group of bosons has to be cooled in a very special apparatus.

So we can't observe it directly or even touch it.

Because if we even want touch it our hand will also get into different state of matter even close to it, and our nerves and every sensory biological things will stop working.


PaulW707 t1_itr7vf7 wrote

I don't know what that is, but it sounds like it's crushing it!


Diztrakted t1_itrm04b wrote

Satyendra Bose is one of the great lesser known geniuses of the 20th century.

Bose the company is cool, but Satyendra Bose sent a paper of his straight to Einstein, who liked it so much he translated it into German himself and submitted it in Germany on Bose's behalf. This paper basically created the field of quantum statistics and led to Bose spending time in European research institutions, working with Curie, Einstein, and others. He was 28 at the time (!!).


zed857 t1_itrjo7v wrote

I'm picturing Albert Einstein wearing noise-cancelling headphones while jamming to an 80's band named "Condensate and the Quasiparticles".


helm t1_itu20ay wrote

As the article states, this has been the ambition since the 1990's. I worked with prof. Gonokami way back (20+ years ago), and to find long-lived excitons was a goal already back then. These experiments are not easy, but again shows how quasi-particles behave just like particles under the right conditions.


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