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rjmsci OP t1_isy2i0z wrote


4BigData t1_iszl867 wrote

Some people are not even testing positive for COVID while taking care of infected family members, wondering what genetic advantage they have.

I know that those with O negative blood types are the ones who deal better with COVID symptoms,CI%2C%200.78%E2%80%930.97).


Hendriks0709 t1_iszsqjq wrote

I can only speak for myself but 100% agree with both. My dad's side the family is from Europe originally but came to US 2 generations ago(so probably have an ancestor that survived the black plague). I am also have O- blood. At one point LAST Christmas we had a family gathering and all 9 family members in the house we stayed at got covid aside from me, I just took care of them. Of all the ones there I was the only O-


4BigData t1_iszsz43 wrote

And you never tested positive?

If so, that's also my story. I couldn't believe I got one negative test result after another


Hendriks0709 t1_isztl3i wrote

Not from that Christmas. I did test positive once as part of a medical trial but the Dr had me retest 24 hours later and it was negative then again another 24 hours after that also negative so he said the first one was a false positive.


4BigData t1_isztw0q wrote

Makes sense. I haven't gotten even a false positive yet. We'll see how that changes as new varieties keep on trying to get me.


Hendriks0709 t1_iszua5j wrote

So far I've also got all the vaccines and boosters with no side effects or symptoms. GF says I should get checked to see if I was born with natural immunity to covid. Guess we shall see how long we both keep our streaks running.


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I only got 3 vaccines total and stopped because the idea of a few countries having many vaccines per capita while third world countries having few and air travel resuming didn't make sense to me at all.

Vaccines should be more evenly distributed IMHO

By mid-2022, just over three per cent of people in low-income countries had been vaccinated with at least one dose, compared to 60.18 per cent in high-income countries.


xiledone t1_it01xmi wrote

No one's born with natural immunity to it that we know of.

I have type O+ and got super sick. (Was double vaccinated)

The blood type and covid study has been debunked countless times.


vanyali t1_it10ggl wrote

I am type O too but I’ve had COVID twice, the last time after fully vaxxed and double boosted. My whole family has type O blood and we were all symptomatic both times. Type O blood isn’t magic.


Hendriks0709 t1_it1pfxr wrote

Blood type is a bit more complicated then that, there are a total of 36 different blood group systems each containing or not containing certain antigens. So even amongst type O blood there are still rarer types of type O blood. People with type O- blood are just more likely to not have certain antigens which viruses bind to in a person's blood. So first question of you being type O would be are you O+ or O-? Then if you're O- which of the possible 61 antigens found on the Rh blood group system do you not have. You can request this info if/when you are getting blood work done.

I for instance would be O Rhnull, I don't have any of the 61 antigens found on the Rh blood group which makes my blood even more rare even amongst the O- group already. Bad side is I can't accept O- blood from others who do have Rh antigens because my immune system would reject it. Bright side my system is more resistant to viruses in general. Not immune I just generally get hit less hard then others and am less likely to get viral infections under the same circumstances as others.


4BigData t1_it2e7rr wrote

So interesting! Thanks for explaining it so clearly


outkast2 t1_it029i6 wrote

I'm glad to see this getting more acknowledgement because I mentioned the O type blood several times in the past and got heavily downvvoted.


4BigData t1_it0dqzy wrote

>got heavily downvoted.

why? blood type envy? Being 0 negative has its drawbacks too, everybody wants your blood and it seems to be a permanent emergency-level scarcity of it

It's not that much fun to be remembered by society only when our blood is necessary, which seems to be always