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Key_Guide8475 t1_isz1bpy wrote

I love soy, especially grown in an old patch of ground where there used to be pristine rainforest. I also love monoculture.


GladstoneBrookes t1_isz7q30 wrote

The leading driver of deforestation in both the Amazon and in general for tropical forests is beef, while 77% of soy is used as animal feed to the extent that, in the EU for example, it takes between 1 and 2 kilograms of soy protein to produce a kilogram of edible protein from beef, dairy, pork, or poultry. In other words, replacing all the meat people consume with soy products would reduce total soy consumption, and that's before you consider the other human-edible feed crops involved in livestock production and that other non-soy meat alternatives exist.

Soy consumed directly by humans is not the problem here; soy used as feed is.


deathhead_68 t1_iszttsd wrote

I'm kind of glad we get ill-informed comments like his, so we get ones like these to correct them.


nulliusansverba t1_it2kdit wrote

Who cares?

Looks like a red herring, sounds like a red herring, of course it's a red herring.


LatterSea t1_iszkrtg wrote

Hopefully you realize the vast majority of soy (and corn) monocropping is to feed livestock?


zbbrox t1_isz5dq8 wrote

I mean, if you're using soy as an alternative to meat, that's straightforwardly good for the rainforests...


PyramidBusiness t1_it2ruh9 wrote

The midwest was in fact plains and not a rainforest although Ohio and part of Indiana is naturally a swamp.